The actions of the UMBAP plan includes in each State, three successive phases that bring together the activities of the movement until its maturation phase which is the phase III. At phase III, the movement will be organized to prevent any backsliding from the main ideal which is the peaceful coexistence of the peoples of black Africa in the United States of Africa dynamic and prosperous.
The initiators of the project of the UMBAP chose to be anonymous, to allow the project to gather the maximum amount of memberships. They also want a completely decentralized movement, very weakly prioritized and focused on its two objectives; the unification of the peoples of black Africa and the advent of the United States of Africa. The UMBAP site will be during the three phases, the platform of exchanges, cooperation and solidarity between the national sections.
In activities related to these two objectives, the members are free to organize themselves as they see fit for their targets.
The total decentralization of the movement will combat political recoveries and possible deviations from the stated objectives.
The national sections are totally autonomous in organizing their activities. They may, however, held simultaneous several national sections and joint activities.

The first phase is that for the constitution of the national sections by:
• The membership on the site of the UMBAP, in the module of their country of origin;
• The convening of the first meeting of the members to the constitution of each national section;
• the constitution of the national section in the country of origin according to the laws in force.

The second phase is that outreach activities are conducted in each national section.
This is the phase during which the national section unfolds on the ground and becomes visible in the State by activities such as:
• Nationwide, organized throughout the State;
• Regional or local (in reduced format);
• Constitution of subsections, if necessary.

The third phase is the maturation of the movement.
At this phase, the UMBAP became a movement with a real power of pressure. It may act through campaigns to advance its ideals in African opinion. It can be:
• Outreach activities on topical issues related to African Unity;
• Inquiries of the rulers (locally or at the African level) on the theme of an effective African Unit;
• gatherings of chapters to advance the ideals of unification of the populations of black Africa or the construction of States United Africa.
• to take action to prevent any return back, when the stage of creation of the United States of Africa will be reached and strengthen in the African views the interest to continue the experiment of the pooling of resources for real development (social, economic, political, industrial and technological) across all black Africa regions.