Black Africa is currently the part of the world where people suffer from underdevelopment in all areas.
This situation is absurd and paradoxical.
The people of Black Africa have developed in their history ingenious civilizations that have built remarkable empires by their degree of development. Black Africa also abounds in many riches on its soil and in its basement. The current underdevelopment is therefore unacceptable.
Black Africa Rumpus, alas for more than five centuries, in a situation where black Africans could be regarded as the damned of the Earth.
This situation is a consequence of the history of the Encounter of black Africa with Europe. Twice, Black Africa was defeated and humiliated by Europe's political and economic systems and military means. In the 15th and 19th centuries, black Africa was reduced to slavery and then exploited by fierce and dehumanizing colonialism for the benefit of Europe. After these two memorable losses, black Africa still undergoes the neo-colonial exploitation of Europe.
For a long time, the political powers and the intelligentsia of black Africa have made the African black people believe that their development and happiness were intimately linked to the leniency and development aid of the same Europe that has yet enslaved them for more than five centuries. It is this illogical understanding of development that explains why the black African political class is unable to find solutions to get people out of the chronic underdevelopment in which they have been plunged since so Long.
This inability to find viable solutions was once again illustrated in 1963 by the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). A failed strategic moment, after a hundred years of colonization and four centuries of slavery.
Instead of putting into place the process of gathering the forces and means of the dwarf states, inherited from the colonial carving imposed in 1884 in Berlin by the powers of Europe, almost all the heads of States of Africa, except KWAME N'krumah and Miltone OBOTE, have chosen to favour their agreements with the former colonial powers, to the detriment of a fruitful agreement for the birth of a new Africa, ready to give itself the means to deal with the stakes of its development.
Since that time of death, the people of black Africa have not seen in the actions of African political powers any glimmer of hope for the end of this nightmare.
The effective Africanism, in all fields (economic, technological, industrial, agricultural, military, diplomatic...), is the solution to launch the socio-political and economic development of black Africa. Even if Black Africa has to borrow for its development, solutions that have proved their evidence elsewhere, especially those coming from Europe, Africans need to know that no one will come to develop Africa in their place.
The colonial carving of 1884 that created dwarf states forces Africans to build their unification first and foremost.
The goal in the long run must be the construction of the United States of Africa. This idea is not new, it was issued and documented by KWAME N'krumah in 1963, he already said: ' Africa must unite or perish '. The situation today is not different. Existing unit organisations are too much linked to European interests, which makes them ineffective. African states are individually too linked to the European interests on which they depend. They forget the essential truth: the states have no friends, they have only interests. In their illogical blindness, they can only serve the interests of the European states that dominate them.
Only the relationships of strength are decisive in the relations between the States and at the international level. As a result, Africans must stop waiting for Europe for their development. They must also stop accusing Europe of all their woes. The history of peoples is made up of happy or unhappy meetings with other peoples. So there will be no European Marshall plan for Africans.
These days, only continental-sized states can claim to influence the conduct of the world. If the United States of America has become in less than two centuries, the world's first economic, military and diplomatic power, it is mainly due to the continental size of the state and the economic, financial, human resources, wealth Soil and subsoil available in large quantities, which the former colonial Powers (England, France and Spain, mainly) from which the bulk of the settlers left for the conquest of America were supplanted. The Europeans have so clearly understood that they have been forced to create the European Union (EU) to give themselves the means to better withstand the rise of new world powers and the increased international competition that has grown considerably.
For the time being, it is essential to build the foundations by achieving the unification of the populations. This popular dimension, neglected by the pioneers of Africanism in 20th, largely explains their failure.
Indeed, by the end of the Second World War (1945), the populations of the African colonies of Europe had entered a decisive phase of their struggle against colonialism to recover their confiscated freedom. Mobilization was visible in all regions of Africa. Under the pressure of this mobilization, France, England and Belgium were forced to grant independence to their former colonies. In the period from 1950 to 1965, almost all of the colonies had become independent. But the political leaders of the time were not able to value this popular mobilization which allowed to have these independences, just formal in the beginning, the new States having no means for their postcolonial management. Subsequently, as the popular component was neglected or marginalized, the neo-colonialism settled in all the former colonies.
Why was this possible?
The explanation lies in the fact that it is the unification that could have allowed the people of black Africa to become master of their destiny by giving them the weapons to better withstand the attempts of destabilization or re-conquest and to exceed the Conflicts that necessarily applicable between their different components.
Unfortunately, the current political classes and intelligentsia that could have accelerated this process of unifying the populations of black Africa have spread their inability to fulfil such a mission. Political classes are often at the root of the many bloody clashes between ethnic groups that delay this unification.
The UMBAP has the ambition to contribute to the construction of the unification of Black African populations at the base.
Attempts at unification by the Summit, which have been undertaken for more than a hundred years (1900), have not achieved the objectives. So they have reached their limit. There is only the process that is being driven to the ground as the only solution at the moment, if the people of black Africa want to return to their destiny.
Unification at the base cannot fail, for it is the people at the base who are the main victims of this exploitation, which is only too long. If they are properly sensitized, the mobilization of people at the base for the cause of unification will be irresistible. They will be the strength of opinion that will force political powers to work for the benefit of Africans at last. They will also be the best bulwark to prevent the prosperity of shameless, greedy, and profiteering politicians who are cluttering up the African political space and who have become the transmission belts of neo-colonial exploitation.
This unification will not be easy. It'll be a long time. It may be spread over generations of Africans.
The important thing now is to revive the message of the need for unification and get to work.
The UMBAP is Africanist. So it covers all the states of black Africa. It is not a political movement to conquer power. It has a totally decentralized operation.
In each State, citizens convinced by this ideal must form a national section of the UMBAP. The national sections can subdivide into sub-sections if necessary.
The members of the UMBAP in the national sections and subsections must give themselves the task of broadening the base of the movement by the legal means in each state. They must make people aware of the idea of the people's Unity of black Africa in the face of the rest of the world, by all means available to them. Finally, they must make people aware of the advent of the United States of Africa as the only way out of sub-development and access to social, economic, industrial and technological development.
The intelligence of the African people of today and tomorrow helps to keep the hope for a better future for black Africa.
Forward for the construction of the United States of Africa.