The UMBAP is an African movement that wants to help raise awareness and promote the unification of the populations of black Africa, in peaceful coexistence and real solidarity. This unification must enable the formation of citizen groups of pressure on African powers for the effective construction of the United States of Africa. This is the only solution at the moment, so that the people of black Africa can return to their destiny and face global issues.
You can view from the main menu two texts: the Movement Manifesto and the action plan. The manifesto is the doctrinal document of the movement. The action plan specifies the organization of the Movement and its modes of action.
The UMBAP is pan-African. It is decentralized and consists of fully autonomous national sections.
The acts of accession are made online on the site ' http://mupan.org ' in the module ' ACCESIONS' appearing in the main menu. A space of exchange is opened on the site in the module ' FORUM ' also appearing in the main menu.
For more information you can send an email to: admin.mupan@mupan.org